Thursday, February 14, 2008

How good is your conference? SEC

The SEC's record against non-conference bowl teams
16-9 (.640)

Alabama (2-1) Wins versus Colorado and Houston; Loss versus FSU

Arkansas (0-1) Loss versus Missouri

Auburn (1-1) Win versus clemson; Loss versus USF

Florida (2-1) Wins versus Florida Atlantic and FSU; Loss versus Michigan

Georgia (3-0) Wins versus oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, and Hawaii

UK (2-0) Wins versus Florida Atlantic and FSU

LSU (2-0) Wins versus VT and Ohio State

Ole Miss (1-1) Win versus Memphis; Loss versus Missouri

Mississippi State (1-1) Win versus UCF; Loss versus WVU

South Carolina (0-1) Win versus Clemson

Tennessee (2-1) Wins versus Southern Miss and Wisconisin; Loss versus Cal

Vandy (0-1) Loss versus Wake Forest

SEC won the most games versus non-conference bowl teams last year and won at the highest percentage. Every team played at least one bowl team non-conference last year and all but Vandy, USC, and Arkansas won at least one game versus a non-conference bowl team. Three SEC teams went undefeated versus non-conference bowl teams with Georgia getting three wins and Kentucky and LSu both notching two victories.

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dyer said...

That's a nice graphic. Although some Photoshopping could've been done to the old hag next to her right thigh.

Oh, and I like these conference analyses. Good to know my home conference blows.