Thursday, February 14, 2008

How good is your conference? Big 12

Big 12 record versus non-conference bowl teams
14-10 (.583)

Baylor (0-1) Loss versus TCU

Colorado (0-3) Losses versus Alabama, FSU, and Arizona State

Iowa State (0-0)

Kansas (2-0) Wins versus Central Michigan and VT

Kansas State (0-2) Losses versus Auburn and Fresno State

Missouri (2-0) Wins versus Illinois and Arkansas

Nebraska (2-1) Wins versus Wake Forest and Ball State; Loss versus USC

Oklahoma (1-1) Win versus Tulsa; loss versus WVU

Okalhoma State (2-1) Wins versus Florida Atlantic and Indiana; Loss versus Georgia

Texas (3-0) Wins versus TCU, UCF, and Arizona State

Texas A&M (1-1) Win versus Fresno State; Loss versus Penn State

Texas Tech (1-0) Win versus UVA

Couple Iowa State and Iowa and you have an entire state devoid of a non-conference bowl team. Texas is the leader in the clubhouse with a 3-0 record versus non-conference bowl teams. Only three teams in the Big 12 were under .500 against non-conference bowl teams (Baylor, K-State, and Colorado). On whole the Big 12 is about what you'd expect. Pretty strong with the cream of the crop running up the score for the rest of the conference. The middle and bottom held their own (excepting Colorado) and everyone other than Iowa State took one shot (although Tech's was in a bowl game so they had no other choice).

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