Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WVU at the NFL combine

The NFL combine starts today. Four former Mountaineers are a part of the 330 players expected to participate in Indianapolis. Johnny Dingle, Steve Slaton, Owen Schmitt, and Darius Reynaud are all scheduled to work out this week. Mark Magro and Keilen Dykes both failed to get the invite to the combine, but have been working out in Florida and Huntington respectively to get ready for WVU Pro-Day which is scheduled for March 13th. For those interested in watching the combine workouts the NFL Network has the combine and Slaton, Schmitt, and Reynaud should be on display on Sunday while Monday will be the workout day for Dingle. It appears that the four invited to the combine are likely to all be drafted. Keilein stands the best chance of the other two, but all should at least be offered a free agent invite at the least. At that point it is up to the player to cause some camp fireworks, some of which he may be able to buy soon in West Virginia again as the legislature is debating bringing back real fireworks. It's only a matter of time before BSR burns down Morgantown.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was little shady that you refused to let me set them off on your front porch.

Anonymous said...

Give me a preview of the game tonight. Jackass.

letsplaytummysticks said...

If I give you a preview tonight it will be too late.

Brave Sir Robin said...

86 that game preview. I am pretty sure the BSPM crew could have made more 3's than the Mounties did last night. Embarassing.

Anonymous said...

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