Thursday, February 14, 2008

How good is your conference? Big East

Big East Conference record versus non-conference bowl teams
11-10 (.523)

Cincinnati (2-0) Wins versus Oregon State and Sourthern Miss

UConn (0-1) Losses versus Virginia and Wake Forest

Louisville (0-2) Losses versus Kentucky and Utah

Pitt (0-3) Losses versus Michigan State, Virginia, and Navy

Rutgers (2-1) Wins versus Navy and Ball State; Loss versus Maryland

USF (3-1) Wins veruses Aubrurn, Florida Atlantic, and UCF; Loss versus Oregon

Syracuse (0-1) Loss versus Illinois

WVU (4-0) Wins versus Maryland, ECU, Miss State, and Oklahoma

Big East record is under the caveat that the Big East teams play one extra non-conference game than everyone else (other than the Pac-10 which the Big East plays two more games than) so that makes up for the smaller conference size. The Big East is the most top heavy of the conferences with all wins coming from four teams. WVU, with one extra game, has one more win than Texas for best record versus non-conference bowl teams.

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