Monday, February 18, 2008

Round of Reubens

Quickly today:

The Gazette has the list of the new football staff's salaries here. The new staff will make 90% of what the old staff made last year despite Stewart making less than 45% of what Rich Rodriguez made. Rodriguez made $1,783,333 of a total of $3,145,833 for the staff last year. That would be 56.7% of the total staff salary went to Rich. Stewart will make $800,000 of a total of $2,850,000. Stewart makes 28% of the total staff salary. The highest paid assistant last year was Calvin Magee at $190,000. This year six assistants will make over $200,000 including Doc Holliday at $400,000.

Rodriguez constantly brought up the fact that he wanted more money for assistants. It appears that the best way to have done that would have been to quit asking for raises every year. With a finite pool of resources Rodriguez often went first and then back for seconds and thirds. The lessened salary of Stewart has opened up more money for the rest of the staff. When hearing about this Rodriguez stated that he didn't want to talk about West Virginia and just wanted the truth out there and then called a press conference. At the press conference Rodriguez spent the entire time bemoaning that WVU was still and issue, wished it would go away, and then vaguely mentioned some threats against his kids and pets. As the press started to lose interest he stated that there would be a press conference tomorrow to discuss why this was still a story and that the best friend of his cousins' niece had been threatened by someone at school and it may have been WVU related. Then everyone cried.

Finally the basketball team has made a night and day transformation for the second time this year. WVU averaged 79.3 points per game and had a record of 15-4 following the Marshall game. Over the 4 games WVU went 1-3 and averaged 56.8 points per game. Versus Rutgers and Seton Hall the Mountaineers bounced back and averaged 85 points per game in two wins. So one of two things are happening. Either WVU hit a shooting slump and combined it with a slower offensive attack during that time or WVU just isn't an offense that is able to run efficiently versus really good defensive teams. Either way it appears that the offense runs much smoother in the run and gun style of Sunday against Seton Hall than the ground and pound of Georgetown. The remaining schedule has Villanova (Wed.), Providence (Sat.), and DePaul before UConn and Pitt then a finisher with St. John's. If everything holds to pattern thus far look for three more high scoring games followed by two in the fifties and then another shootout.

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