Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is that a burrito in your pants?

The real Captain America has a hoagie in his pants.A Florida doctor was arrested, while dressed as Captain America, for groping a woman with a burrito stuffed down his pants.

Witnesses said that Adamcik was walking around with the burrito tucked into the waistband of his costume, asking women if they wanted to touch it. When one woman refused to touch the burrito, it is alleged that the doctor removed the snack and groped her.

The police were called, and, according to the official report, 'there were so many cartoon characters in the bar at the time, all Captain America's [sic] were asked to go outside for a possible identification.'

He was also caught trying to flush a joint down the toilet at the jail. He now faces charges of battery, drug possession, trying to destroy evidence, disorderly conduct, ruining a burrito, and will have to pay the costume store to have sour cream and beef stains removed from the Captain America underpants. Somewhere a superhero is turning in his imaginary grave.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the no spin zone.

Those are the money beats.

Alligators and baby dingos mate.

I felt really bad that Debbie Brown got fired because of Dwight.

Pam run a comb through your hair.