Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rough draft for the Mountaineers

There was a possibility of both Dan Mozes and Brandon Myles being drafted on the second day with a slim possibility of Boo McLee getting a call. The phones remained silent during the draft as 0 Mountaineers had their name called, got to put on a hat, or hold a jersey. Some schools of note that did get some players drafted. Alambama A & M (1), Albany (1), Coastal Carolina (1), Elon (1), Lane (1), Towson boys (1), and Washburn (1). Dan, Brandon, and Boo could all still sign with a team as a free agent and we will keep you updated if they do so.

In other news Brady Quinn liked Cleveland and got picked by Cleveland and I wish there was more, but no one really talked about it during the draft. Also the Sopranos sucked this week like a dump in the shower that someone stepped in.


Brave Sir Robin said...

That was a pretty piss poor Sopranos. Uncle Cousin Phil should've smacked the kid around or something. AJ got played out like a bitch, and it appears it will only get worse.

"That retard hit my car with his golf bag- and then he farted."
- Chutta

chutta said...

I can place my own quotes, thank you BSR. Right now, in fact, I am scrolling down this silly blog and placing a comment on each article.

"Hey Chutta, I think I just banged my golf bag into your car and then farted after taking three hours to drive to Alpine Lakes"
-BSR or Tammystix

letsplaytummysticks said...

That wasn't us. We would have had something about a giner hole in there.