Thursday, April 19, 2007

Round of Reubens

The NCAA may close the text message loophole after the management council has recommended a ban on electronically transmitted correspondence with exceptions for limited faxes and emails. Phone calls and personal visits have been limited for years, but a loophole had allowed coaches unlimited numbers of text messages to kids. The move is supported by Chris Hansen as more than once he lured an old man to a meeting with a 16 year old boy via texting to watch videos of the boy and the man turned out to be a coach wanting to watch the kids highlight reel.

How will WVU cope with this change? Well according to the Charleston Gazette Rodriguez will be happy. Warning about the article at the Gazette. Writer Dave Hickman must not understand the rule as he makes a case to keep it because otherwise recruits will be called constantly. This is dead wrong as coaches have very limited numbers and times they can call recruits. The loophole was that they could text unlimited. Hickman is an idiot. On Rich's texting abilities:

I’m one-fingering it and I’ve got to look at it and make sure stuff is spelled right. So it takes me all week just to get my guys once a week. Rodriguez said. Some guys are a lot faster. Most guys are a lot faster. . . I’m still learning the slang, Rodriguez said. I still spell out ‘you’ instead of just using ‘u.’ I still write ‘two’ instead of ‘2.’ I haven’t even gotten the shortcuts down.

One of the most innovative coaches in college football over the past decade is befuddled by a phone or email (he doesn't use it either). So it is doubtful he reads the Bastards, damn. Luckily for him this coaching things seems to be working out as most other people have to give that new fangled technology a try at/for work.

Finally, ouch. A Preston County couple is suing WVU Hospitals for an injury caused to their son during a circumcision.

They also claim Hunter has been permanently disfigured and request full compensation for the injuries and damages sustained

I would think a jury of all males would be supported by the plaintiffs in this one.

And in a related story, according to the DA,Cox slips into NCAA Nationals.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the amounts from the complaint. How much is your cock worth to you? Would WVU Hospitals ever have access to that kind of cash? Would the court adopt a "lets see how he grows into it approach" which could lessen damages if it ends up looking cool or if the kid likes it? Foreskinners.

letsplaytummysticks said...

In the very least the exhibits should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

This ladies and gentlemen of the jury, labelled plaintiffs exhibit A, is what is referred to in lamens terms as a foreskin.

My clients had the intent of removing (more/less) of this foreskin than was actually removed.

In a moment I will show you my clients' sons cock. You will be shocked- shock- shocked.

letsplaytummysticks said...

The biggest question would be whether there was any nerve damage done which they probably can't tell on an infant. If so then that doctor needs to lose their license and be shot.