Sunday, April 1, 2007

Recruits will love it.

I know a weather report is usually only worth the paper that it is printed on. However, if this report holds up you may want to save the paper to burn it and keep warm for Saturday's Spring Game. The 10-day forecast is calling for SNOW storms starting Thursday and continuing throughout Sunday. I've included the golf ratings for those so inclined and I must say I've golfed on 7s when it was a monsoon so I can only imagine what a 0 might include.

The Spring game is usually a time for everyone to get excited about the upcoming season and get a sunburn off of the bleachers. Ex-players come back to hang out and watch the upcoming team. This year it was unlikely that the national guard would have allowed Pacman and Henry together anyway, but it's doubtful too many alumni will be running around the stadium when they can be sledding down lawschool hill. It's also one of the first times you normally see the girls out wearing their summer attire. This years attire should include boots, earmuffs, and mittens. That's enough to get any redblooded mans heart pumping. Woot.

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