Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ron Mexico is back

It's all about suppression man.WVU rightly takes a lot of criticism for Pacman and Henry, but VT has it's own dynamic duo of the Vick brothers. And VT named a freshman dorm after Michael.
At this point Vick may have a Jeckle and Hyde thing going with the Micheal Vick/Ron Mexico personalities. One plays football and wants to endorse products. The other will flip off the crowd, give your girlfriend herpes, and smuggle contraband through an airport. Mexico has re-entered the news for running a dog and cock fighting ring at home he owns.

Vick has apparently been under investigation for several years. What, how long does it take to notice dead dogs and birds being thrown out in the trash. This is Michael Vick, you know he just set them out there in large heaps, it's not like he's a criminal mastermind.

Early reports indicate as many as 70 dogs on the property, including 60 pit bulls with wounds that appear to be consistent with dog-fighting. Authorities have allegedly uncovered extensive dog-fighting paraphernalia, including rape stands (used to allow fighting dogs to breed while preventing them from attacking each other), equipment used to build strength and endurance in fighting dogs, and controlled substances frequently used in dog-fighting.

Jesus, rape stands. The police where there on a drug investigation of Vick's nephew who apparently lives there. The officers found three different buildings of dogs and up to 50 showing serious signs of neglect.

Officers from the Meherrin Drug Task Force also were on the scene. It's a multi-jurisdictional task force to investigate major drug trafficking

Let's see if the NFL has the balls to go after their once golden boy if these charges start to pile up.


chutta said...

I need a rape stand with a cup holder and a nachos tray

letsplaytummysticks said...

I don't like the word "stand," maybe a rape lay down is available.

Anonymous said...

A rape stand is a good idea. I think that with all the raping, pillaging and so forth- you can't be expected to support your own weight the entire time. A nice leaning position probably adds to the endurance of the dog. Great for those marathon rape sessions.