Monday, April 23, 2007

Round of Reubens

The girls of Hummers are always ready for it to rain.Pacman Jones has taken out a full page ad to print an open letter of apology to the Tennessee Titans and their fans and pledge to regain their trust. Jones has also stated that he plans to re-enroll at WVU to finish his degree and provide a scholarship for walk-on players at WVU.

The words he wrote came from his heart, his attorney, Manny Arora, told The Tennessean. I don't think he could describe any better what he felt than what he wrote.

But apparently not all of the words are factual. While Rich Rodriguez would allow Pacman back into the WVU football facilities to work out and would gladly take his money; it appears as though Pacman has yet to inform WVU of his now published plans.

Nobody’s talked to him. Nobody in our program or on our staff, Rodriguez said. Obviously anybody who’s going to use our facilities is going to talk to us first.

WOWK decided to run the story of Pacman wanting to return to WVU next to a poll that may or may not have been an attempt at humor.

Are you concerned about safety on college and university campuses in West Virginia?
Yes - Very
Yes - Somewhat

The West Virginia University baseball team lost two out of three to Notre Dame this weekend to fall to 23-13 (6-8 in the Big East) for the season. The team is led by Justin Jenkins on offense in almost every statistical category. Jenkins is batting .429 with 6 HR and 39 RBI. 32 of his 66 base hits have been for extra bases. Josh Whitlock leads the team in wins with a 5-3 records and sports a 3.12 ERA. All baseball statistics can be found here.

Noel Devine is one step closer to playing for the Mountaineers next season as he has received a qualifying score on his ACT test. Devine must keep his grades at their current level in order for his score to remain qualifying or otherwise he will be forced to take the ACT again to receive a higher score to offset a drop in grades.

In John Beilein news it appears that OS has been right in his prediction of a settlement if you read between the lines of Beilein's lawyer.

Things still aren’t finalized yet,” said attorney Bob Fitzsimmons. “Things are working out well. Everybody seems to be cooperating.

In better news for Beilein, he won an award I'm guessing he won't ever win again; the WV state college coach of the year. Beilein beat out Rich Rodriguez for the state college coach of the year. Beilein attended the ceremony, but left halfway through because he felt that he could get a better dinner at the Shoney's across the street. He defended what many felt was a lateral move by stating the Shoney's had the tradition and facilities to get him full and it was a challenge he looked forward to taking.

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