Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WVU beats down UMD

WVU has been dominating the football series of late and won the last basketball game between the schools, but they rarely play anyway. However, Maryland consistently smacks WVU down in baseball. Last night the tables wewre turned as the Mountaineers broke out the whopping stick to a tune of 13-2 against the Terrapins. The victory was the first against Maryland since 2004 in baseball. And it came on dollar night. Dammit for us not knowing that until now. All tickets, hot dogs, popcorn and drinks were a dollar. Robin loves a chance to put on some team shorts and engage in some serious competitive eating. WVU now heads for a weekend series with Virginia.

In football news Wanny is still having trouble building his wall to keep all Pittsburgh area recruits. Upcoming senior TE prospect Mike Cruz commited to play at Pitt three weeks ago claiming that Pitt was his dream school and that his goal was to always play there. Now his tune has changed:

"It’s true, I’ve decommited, Cruz said on Sunday. "It’s more of a matter that I got caught up in the moment. I think I rushed my decision. I want to look around. I hadn’t seen any other school, and then I went to visit West Virginia and it opened my eyes.

Wanny might need a little spackle for the wall, or some blinders for his recruits. This shows what an important year the upcoming one is for Pitt. They can't afford to keep putting up 5-7 wins while WVU puts up 10+. They've always had to take the leftovers from PSU, but to have Western Pa up for grabs could really hurt their program. Luckily WVU and Pitt tend to go after different types of offensive players due to the divergent schemes, but there will be battles over the top athletes and while Pitt is the home school WVU has been winning and going to big bowl games for 4 straight years now. At some point the excuses for lack of talent Walt Harris left at Pitt become irrelevant as this will be Wanny's third year and mostly his players now. If he can't win with his players the wall will become an access road out of Pittsburgh for local players and WVU, PSU, UVA, and UNC all seem to be stepping up the recruiting in the area.


Wayne said...

Thanks for posting my video. Glad you enjoyed it. It breaks my heart whenever my alma mater gets beat. At least it was by WVU. =)

-"Charlie Shin"

Wayne said...

P.S. youtube shows me who has linked to the video. That's how I found this blog...didn't wanna freak you out or anything!

Anonymous said...

yeah. the video... shun resumed.

chutta said...

What video does mysterious wayne refer to? I like the turtle drawing. It is cute. I am going to blow it up and make coloring pages out of it for rainy saturday afternoons.