Thursday, April 26, 2007

Settle down now

This may be a different type of settlement.The Dominion-Post is reporting that John Beilein and West Virginia University have agreed to settle the buyout of his contract for $1.5 million over 5 years. In addition, the payments may be going to the Mountaineer Athletic Club or the WVU Foundation. The reasoning would be that I guess Beilein could attempt to use a payment to either as a tax write-off.

In other Michigan/WVU news it appears as though upcoming UM senior safety Ryan Mundy is attempting to transfer to WVU. In a little used NCAA rule, one that has been rescinded, a player that graduated could transfer and not sit out a year if the school he transferred to had a graduate program unavailable at the former school. Mundy is attempting to get in under a grandfather clause and would have one year of eligibility remaining. Florida cornerback Ryan Smith used the rule last year to follow Urban Myer from Utah and in basketball UNLV player Kevin Kruger used the loophole to leave ASU and play for his daddy.

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