Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Maybe we could contact this guy before our tailgate,

This 12 man beer bong looks promising. Delivering two beers per person per round, that case of Natty I pledged would be good for one time. Assuming of course that we have at least nine readers show up willing to try it out. For those of you who are little apprehensive, there will be a bag of snack size snickers on hand also. Created by the guy in the orange, and stolen from Deadspin, who stole it from EDSBS, I place it hear because it does kick ass. I have created similar contraptions, but never for more than a foursome. I give credit to that guy from Milwaukee.
Also, The Yankees are tied for first place with the big win over Tampa. Boston on the other hand had a hard time with KC. A-Rod even made up for the E on the pop-up with a big fly late in the game. tummysticks loves A-Rod and his purple lips.

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letsplaytummysticks said...

The REAL story of yesterday. Pirates are undefeated. Duke gave us 7 innings and the Bucs hit 3 homers. 3!!! That's a months worth. Nate McLouth 400 feet the other way, Xavier Nady to tie, and Bay to win. Break up the Bucos.