Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bastard Sons Guide to Mothering

I am not sure if we are allowed to have nudity on this site. I am a contributor, and probably agreed to uphold the bylaws and policies of blogger.com, etc. If this picture is inappropriate, I apologize to the powers to that be. Take it down if you don't like it. The little kid in the front row seems to be loving it. I am interested in reader response to this. Thanks Collegehumor.


Brian Harrison said...

You gotta love a blog that will tag an article with boobies, boobs, funbags, and ta tas. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

dyer said...

Who are the twins?

To put it delicately, they hang from milady's chest. Where milk comes from.

Anonymous said...

Thats what she said.

The delivery is all wrong. You're ruining it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad! Forget the Hotdogs! Mom packed us a snack!