Friday, November 2, 2007

Reader Submitted Content - Yah!

To make up for our slack-ass-ness, one of our three loyal readers, Eric, sent us this little clip a "friend" of his put together regarding the tailgating experience at WVU. To the dismay at everyone over at Losers With Socks, there are no clips of a c-0-... c-0-... r... you going to the mall later? That's what I was asking, "Are you going to the mall later?" ... c-o-u-c-h being burnt. (I am the smartest man alive!)

The dude's dad and uncle remind me a lot of me and tummysticks on gameday, except we're fighting through the crowd with our walkers and bitching about our wives and the damned kids these days.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Nice Eric. You just earned yourself a drunkening. A delicious bottle of cheap booze. Only the best for our contributing readers. Make arrangements to collect to your prize.

wolf said...

This guy should be banned for wearing number 30, isnt that the guy who had fumbleitis, or maybe we should thank him for getting good old #10 in the lineup ... dont really know where my point was but oh yeah,, fuck off Option Spread!!