Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holiday Season

It was a pretty big weekend in Mountaineer sports. The highlight of which involves an LSU loss and a UConn masacre. The latter of which secures us a chance at the big one- provided we handle our business with Pitt this weekend.

The basketball team fell to Tennessee by a point on Friday night, but defeated New Mexico State 75 - 61 while the foosball playas were racking up points. Sometime mid third quarter you saw the cameras pan the second row. You probably saw BSR, tummystix, and OS all in a row. Chutta was there... just ask him about the hole in her pants. Nice.

The roundballers had four in double digits, led by Alexander with 16. They return to action tomorrow night in the Coliseum as the 1 win 5 loss Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks come to Morgantown. We will provide you all the highlights you can't read in a box score.

I thought these two lovely ladies pictured here might go a long way to getting us all in the Holiday spirit. Ho ho ho, bitches. Have a good Monday. May Willie Parker rack up the points for me tonight.

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