Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Round of Reubens

Tailgate news upcoming on Thursday or Friday now with 100% more ham thanks to a free Omaha Steaks ham. Full Pitt preview later in the week, but now onto the short version of lots of news to catch up on.

Actually, we'll give some Pitt/WVU coverage by linking others. Chuck Finder got Mickey Furfari and Beano Cook to sit down and share some stories in one of the best stories I've read in a long time found here. The story includes much of the back history in this rivalry which Pitt leads the all-time series 59-37-3. Much of the success came early for Pitt though with WVU having a an 11-4 advantage over the last 15 and 15-7-2 advantage over the last 25 years. Best line of the story is of course about Jack Fleming who lived above Pitt stadium and would see them practice as a child, only to have his mother tell him "Son, that's Pitt. You hate Pitt now. You hate Pitt tomorrow. You hate Pitt until the day you die. After that, you will hate Pitt for eternity." We need more mothers like that in the world.

More on Pitt's program irrelevance. We've covered the fact that Pitt has never really been a factor in the Big East before, but this article by Ray Fittipaldo explains how irrelevant Pitt has been in the last 25 years. Over the past 25 years Pitt has a winning percentage of .479 in football, only 10 winning seasons, and only 9 bowl games. So yes, Pitt does indeed eat shit.

Poll news. WVU is 2nd in the BCS and in the AP Poll and first in the Coaches Poll. The margins over Ohio State are large enough that it is win and you are in for WVU. Even our old friend from California moved us up. Jon Wilner has moved WVU to third in his SEC poll. While he is still an idiot he is helping keep Ohio State down as he has the Buckeyes 11th in his poll.

Other WVU teams are continuing to make a run at championships. The Women's Soccer team is hosting an Elite Eight game against USC on Friday at 7 pm. The winner advances to the College Cup. The men are in the round of 32 and hosting Virginia on Wednesday after a bye in the first round. The Women's basketball team are champions of Rhode Island after winning the URI Invitational and has a chance to win the FAU Holiday Classic starting Saturday. Meanwhile the men have Jamie Smalligan.


Johnny said...

That Wilner guy is batshit crazy! I don't even know where to begin. But at least I'll always know that no matter how bad my poll looks, there will always be at least one that looks worse.

Anonymous said...

Who would win a cool guy contest between Pittsnoggle and Smalligan? Who has the more valuable taint?