Monday, November 12, 2007

Round of Reubens

WVU is Big East Champion in at least one sport this fall as the women's soccer team beat down Notre Dame like a service academy would during penalty kicks to win the Big East championship Sunday afternoon. The win vaults WVU to 16-4-2 and a home game in the NCAA tournament. Notre Dame had won 9 of the last 13 Big East tournament championships. The win is the first championship for the WVU women.

The men fared worse in penalty kicks during their tournament as they lost to Louisville 3-1 in penalty kicks in the Big East semifinals. The men finished the season 13-5-2 on the season and will await word on NCAA tournament status until next Monday.

Speaking of post season it appears that Pitt will be home for the holidays again this season, even if they again are eligible. Last season Pitt had 6 wins but no bowl wanted the income generated by their 15 fans enough to invite the Panthers. A likely scenario that will be repeated this year. Pitt has 4 wins with games remaining against Rutgers, USF, and WVU. Even if Pitt somehow managed 2 wins to become eligible in those games the Post-Gazette is reporting that the Big East has 6 automatic bowls and Pitt would likely be the 7th team and on the outside should Louisville become eligible with another win.

For those of us at the Louisville game here are some of the things we missed on tv.

Pat White and the spitting incident:

Owen Schmidt headbutting his helmet:

I haven't found any video of Pat White showing the medical staff his awareness by somersaulting yet and have only heard of it. If anyone has a link please leave it in the comments.

Eight teams currently have some claim, no matter how small, to the BCS Championship Game. 3 of the top 6 are in the Big 12 even though the conference on a whole is rated third behind the SEC and Big East according to Realtime RPI. The following is a list of Strength of Schedule and win/loss record for the top 8 although the W/L may be somewhat skewered because if OSU plays Youngstown State and they are 5-3 on the season it isn't quite the same as a 5-3 Tennessee team.

LSU--SOS is 2nd in the nation, opponents are 59-42.

Oregon--SOS is 3rd in the nation, opponents 53-38. Anyone arguing for someone other than these two in the top two right now should read those sentences 100 times before speaking.

Kansas--SOS is 66th in the nation, opponents are 41-61 and have played 2 teams with winning records (Central Michigan and Texas A&M which has a losing conference record). Anyone that argues for them should never complain about scheduling cupcakes again as the non-conference schedule was CMU, SE Louisiana, Toledo, and Florida International.

Oklahoma--SOS is 39th in the nation, opponents are 48-43, however, they lose all complaining ability when the non-conference schedule is 13-26.

Missouri--SOS is 24th in the nation, opponents are 53-58.

WVU--SOS is 37th in the nation, opponents are 42-49. Marshall, ECU, Maryland, Western Michigan, and Mississippi State non-conference hasn't impressed the computers. Syracuse, WMU, and Marshall are all above 120 in the rankings.

Ohio State--SOS is 8th in the nation, opponents are 60-55. Might be overvalued due to having already played 11 games. The schedule includes games versus rankings of 127, 107, 149, and 113. In fact the best non-conference game was against the 93rd best team in the country (Washington).

Arizona State--SOS is 29th in the nation, opponents are 48-51. Must make a statement versus USC on the 22nd to have a claim and need an Oregon loss.

Finally a story that proves that student athletes don't have enough spare scratch. Through some friends I met a girl this weekend that has "hooked up" with a WVU football player and still stays in touch. Unfortunately due to some sketchy excuses they couldn't go to his house for their night of passion and since she isn't from WVU she didn't have a place. So they had to find a nice place in order to become better acquainted. The football player went all out and got the girl a nice night at the Best Western. Because nothing says class it's too cold to do it behind a dumpster like the Best Western. If you ever took one of those black light things in there your eyes would explode. Don't bother asking because I'm not going to reveal the name of the player or the lovely lady, but you can take guesses in the comments and anything I say in response will be 100% joke.

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The WVU Women's Cross Country team also won the Big East title this fall.