Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogpoll Ballot 14

I just couldn't bring myself type that unlucky number up there. Besides, this is my 14th ballot of the year. I'm allowed. Did anyone see anything interesting in cfb last week? Woop! Woop! I did! Unfortunately I'm just now recovering from one of them. Anyhow, I think I feel a little safer about where I want to put WVU this week and still keep myself right with the C/K gods.

I don't know about anyone else, but every time I watch Kige I expect him to stop acting silly about half way through his thing and tell us he's just been kidding in an Andy Kaufman kind of way. So I just have to live with that anticipation.

1. Missouri- I thought this was a very impressive win. My name is Kige Ramsey and I'll be back with some great hand shaking insight on the second ranked team in just a moment. I was only able to watch the first half, but you could tell pretty quickly who came to play. The defense for Missouri was what really impressed me. Shut down the Kansas running game until it was too late to run. Are they really the number one team? I think they have as much claim as anyone to this spot. There are certainly teams with tougher schedules, but they did mostly what they needed to do every week and they did it impressively. 41.9 points a game 2k rushing yards and 4k passing yards. I'm fine with that.

2. West Virginia- This is the way this offense is supposed to be right? When they play like they did against UConn, I have no problem putting them here. Hell, even the crowd seemed to be into it! The defense had a pretty shaky first half and UConn had to change their game plan to try to keep up in the second half. Five players had runs of over 30 yards and two had runs of over 50 yards.

3. Georgia- I think they are the hottest team in college football and I feel sorry for whoever has to play them in a bowl game. Deadly running game! We all Knowshawn now. Passing game is pretty solid as well. 19th in total defense.

4. Virginia Tech- Now that the offense is putting up numbers they deserve to be up here. I probably have had them ranked too high most of the season. But I think they've earned it the past couple weeks.

5. Ohio St.- No cake for you!

6. LSU- I'd hate to be Tennessee right now. You know it's coming, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it.

7. Southern Cal- Another team that is really hot right now. And healthy for the first time this year. Will they keep Karl Dorrell employed?

8. Oklahoma- Could reunite us with our "friends" to the west?

9. Kansas- It's going to be a long wait until that bowl game.

10. Florida

11. Boston College

12. Illinois

13. Tennessee

14. Arizona St.- No comeback this time. Ouch! Quarterback not a safe place to be, or something like that.

15. Kentucky- In defeat they looked better than anyone you'll see below them.

16. Hawaii- No doubt they are a solid team, but maybe we had Boise St. inflated a bit too much.

17. Cincinnati- Much better than I thought they would be this year! Brian Kelly for Big East coach of the year unless he takes a better job. In that case we will fart in his general direction and never speak of him again.

18. Brigham Young- Howdy fellas. Haven't seen you around here in a while. Welcome to the party.

19. Wisconsin

20. South Florida- Proof that aliens abduct entire teams for a three week stretch and return them just the way they left them.

21. Auburn

22. Virginia

23. Texas Tech

24. Clemson- Why not?

25. Arkansas- 1,000 flasks of moonshine to you!

Right back at ya!

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