Thursday, November 1, 2007

Surfing the Big East Blogosphere

Ummmm! Surfing! Yeah, as the cold is creeping it's way into the northeast, I can see myself taking a vacation to somewhere that has......dear God I have to get out of this town! Sigh....

One of the better reads I've seen out of the Big East blogosphere lately is up at TroyNunes, where Marius and Chas from the Pitt Blather get into a talk about the less than impressive seasons for both teams. I'm not bringing this up to pile on. I just thought it was one of the better Q&A type things I've seen.

Matt Glaude over at Orange 44 is going to Pittsburgh. On a side note, I'm glad to see him writing, since his disappearance from the FanHouse left me wondering what happened. Also over at Orange 44, Brian and Marius talk up the Orange. And as I noted in the comments, it's something we in the WFVU sphere should be doing.

Card Chronicle is talking a lot of basketball. Something I'm not ready to start thinking about just yet. But I did snap a few shots of the team and Huggy Bear making their way around the tailgates during the Miss. St. game. I'll try to get those out sometime.

Mountaineerbob over at Mountaineer Sports reminds you to wear gold to the Louisville game. I wonder if any Louisville fans will bring a t-shirt that says "Fags Wear Gold".

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