Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crowd Noise vs. Stadium Sound Noise

A couple days ago, I posted this wondering what the hell is wrong with our crowd. And for the past couple days, I've been trying to figure it out. Hell, maybe you don't agree with me at all. But I just know that I really haven't felt any "electricity" at Mountaineer field this year. Especially last Thursday night. It just seems odd to me that we are in the golden years of Mountaineer football and the crowds seem less into the game than I've ever seen.

Part of it might be that people are paying for those fucking seat back seats and getting their fucking money's worth!

Another thing is that people seem to wait until the scoreboard tells them it's an appropriate time to cheer. I'll tell you when it is appropriate to cheer, and pay close attention. If you see anyone for the opposing team trying to communicate on the field or on the sidelines you should be screaming. M'kay? Look, I'm sorry. I probably should have this on a sign and carry it around the stadium rather than posting it on a blog. But in the course of hashing this thing out I'll go off on a tangent from time to time. But no matter what direction I go off on, my point is that it's a matter of pride for me that we have loud and hostile environment at home games.

And yeah, the stadium sound. It's loud and all that, but at some point it just becomes noise. And it seems so artificial to me. It's cool just every once in a while. I mean shit, I learned how to play guitar listening to Metallica, but I swear I would be fine if I never hear For Whom the Bell Tolls again. That noise should be made by the fans. It's much more chaotic and disturbing than the heaviest of heavy metal.

OK, if you've stuck with me this far, let's start talking solutions. First, let's put all the seat back folks together so they can all watch the game on their ass and quit bothering me with the pleas to sit down and be quiet.

Next, we have one good cheer, the first down cheer. We need more stuff like that. I'm not saying we should get rid of the call and respond "Let's Goooo......Mountaineers". It might have a warm place in your heart, but it's not all that impressive. Except when everyone is into it, and that's kind of why we're here talking about this.

What else? An oath to elbow the guy beside you in the ribs if he isn't pulling his weight in the cheering department?

I'd kind of like to go back to that whole cheer thing and have some kind of contest to decide a new cheer that we the Bastards and you the readers could introduce to Mountaineer nation. Feel free to leave your best in the comments. A proper prize is in order for whoever would come up with such a cheer. And at this point I don't have a prize to offer. But give me time.

For reading this all the way through and hopefully not being a fan of tOSU, watch this.

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