Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mountaineers Down Mountain State

The debut of the Huggy-Bear Mounties last night was special for me in several ways. I had the pleasure of attending the game with several friends from home. Home for us is also home to the visitors to the Coliseum- the Mountain State University Cougars (formerly the College of West Virginia Cougars, and formerly the Beckley College... was there a mascot then?) Anyway, I digress. The game featured basketball legend Dave Barksdale playing second fiddle to former protege' Bob Bolen. Dave gained his mythological stature by winning seemingly countless West Virginia High School State Championships at BSR's Alma Mater, Woodrow Wilson High School. Eight Championship games in a decade is a pretty stellar run. Even if you only win five. Jesus... let me tell you about George Pope.

Alright, as for the Mountianeers. I personally think we could use more than a single exhibition game to get the team fine tuned for the season. Shooting 46% from the floor in the game, we looked a little sloppy- but not horrible. The striped shirts weren't helping- blowing the whistle ad nauseum 21 personal fouls on WVU, and a grand total of 40 for both teams.

We still like to rain three pointers, 12 of 29 for 41% on the night. We could still use a donimant inside presence. Smalligan was nearly knocked out by MSU's Jason McGriff early in the first half. I don't expect anyone to take a blindsided shoulderblock to the face and smile- but we could use some force on the blocks.

Darris Nichols led the way with 21 and looked sharp. Joe Alexander managed to put up 19 despite having to deal with gigantic new biceps. He must work out. Da'Sean Butler led the efforts on the boards with 8, one more than Alex Ruoff's 7. The two had 16 and 14 points respectively. Starting center Jamie Smalligan chipped in with 2 pts and 0 rebounds in 12 minutes. I dunno there.

Overall, I have no complaints about an 88-65 win over one of the top teams in the NAIA (2004 National Champions NAIA) and I guess the large number of three point shots is to be expected. This is really a Beilein team with a Huggy-Bear coach. Huggins was rocking some slick snakeskin/gator/komodo dragon slippers. He IS pretty cool. BSR must admit. Season tickets were mailed out late last week. I don't plan on missing any games, and promise to keep you posted on all the goings on you may not be able to read about on MSN.

First tidbit- the large dancing man (you know... YMCA) he's back. He also has a lady helper who got the student section primed and ready. Also, the Mountaineer himself made it atop a moving man pyramid. OS would have worn his white shoes and loved it.

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