Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gameday Update

As we Bastards prepare to head over for the UConn game, I just wanted to make a few comments on last nights basketball game. A one point loss to the number 7 team in the country is no shameful matter. However, a loss that ugly is cause for some concern. Tennessee did not play well- and we played just well enough to stay with them throughout the contest. Smalligan... I don't have the words. I will refer everyone to Mazzulla stealing the ball from him at midcourt and driving the lane. Both teams started slow, and the Mountaineers appeared to have a tough time running actual plays. When there was some symblence of a designed play- it worked. Imagine that shit!

The younger players again were encouraging. Sowards even sunk a buzzer beater to make the final score closer than the game was in the closing seconds. On further review, look up the stats for yourselves. I have some fucking football to prep for. Lets go mountaineers! Fuck the Huskies.

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Beat Visitor said...

Great job today putting the Fuskies in their place! It was so lopsided that ABC in New York cut from WVU/UConn to UGA/GT early in the third quarter.
But what are you doing even thinkingabout basketball?? You're two victories away from the National Championship. Take care of Pitt next week so that you can beat Kansas/Mizzou/orOhioState for the big prize for the Big East!
We're all rooting for you,