Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WVU basketball on the tube

For those that don't have season tickets for WVU basketball and have access (Direct TV) you may want to get MASN or make friends with someone who does. MASN will cover 11 games this season and the ESPN family will cover another 11 leaving only 8 games off of major television this year. Note to those without MASN access all MASN games can also be found on ESPN Full Court although that is pay per game for $15 a day or $99 for the season.

ESPN2 12/5--vs. Auburn
MASN 12/8--@ Duquesne
MASN 12/22--@ Canisius
ESPN2 12/29--sv. Oklahoma
ESPN2 1/3--vs. Notre Dame
MASN 1/06--vs. Marquette
ESPN 1/10--@ Louisville
ESPNU 1/13--vs. Syracuse
MASN 1/17--vs. St. John's
MASN 1/20--@ USF
ESPN 1/26--vs. Georgetown
ESPN2 1/30--vs. Cincinnati
MASN 2/02--@ Providence
ESPN 2/7--@ Pitt
ESPN2 2/14--vs. Rutgers
MASN 2/17--vs. Seton Hall
MASN 2/20--@ Villanova
MASN 2/23--vs. Providence
ESPN2 2/27--@ DePaul
MASN 3/01--@UConn
ESPN 3/3--vs. Pitt
MASN 3/08--@ St. John's

Thanks to the cousin in the 'Ville who did all the heavy lifting on this post.


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wolf said...

I take it your not talking about the bald cousin in the "ville that sits in his basement and makes wind chimes? By the way, did you hear Danny got shot in the face?? Granny told me that

letsplaytummysticks said...

Not that cousin, nor the one that used to live in the 'ville that falls down all the time b/c "his ankles don't work."

wolf said...

Yeah, I miss that guy too!!