Friday, December 14, 2007


As per the comments and message boards everywhere it appears as though Michigan is talking to Rich Rodriguez. This comes a month after Rodriguez laughed when asked about the job stating he just signed a new contract. Apparently, according to the Sporting News, Rodriguez and agent are in Toledo today to negotiate with Michigan AD Bill Martin. Rodriguez has had his contract changed twice in the last two years and is now slated to make $1.8 million this season on a contract that runs through 2013. He made $50,000 for going to a BCS game and would have made an extra $150,000 for a national title. Rodriguez reportedly turned down a $12, six-year offer from Alabama last year. There is a $4 million buyout for Michigan, but that didn't seem to stop Beilein from making the move. As of last week the Rodriguez name was off the radar on all rumors.

"I'm not in it now, not that I know of," Rodriguez said. "Sorry but you all are stuck with me here."

Athletic director Ed Pastilong was glad to hear that Tuesday.

"We made a strong commitment to Rich and our coaching staff and commitments are important both ways," Pastilong said. "Our future looks very good."
WVU has more than doubled Rod's salary in the last two years. Meanwhile the Beilein fiasco and Alabama rumors of last year have left everyone a little skittish when it comes to coaching security. Hopefully this will not drag on for ever like those rumors did as a state with this much obesity can't take the strain on the emotions year after year for months on end.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are on this, I just found out before going to bed. What a pisser.

If he goes, I hope the WVU lawyers did a good job this time and he has to cough up the entire $4M.

(sorry, too lazy to dig up my google nickname)