Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't be THAT guy

It appears that the Pitt loss has now hit the next level for some WVU fans. And that level is Darwin Awards stupidity. Some people have sent Pat McAfee death threats over his two missed field goals last week as his Dad told Metro-news.

He told the state-wide radio network that in addition to vehicle damage, his son had been threatened online, and via text and phone messages. He said fans gathered outside his son's off-campus residence following the game to voice their frustration.
These are the type of fans that give "mouth-breather" a bad name. Now some are probably students and for that we can all blame Jersey. However, if any are over the age of 20 it is time to do the right thing and shuffle off this mortal coil. You want to say something about Rodriguez, at least he gets paid millions for his work. You want to make an observation like, "Slaton isn't good anymore." Go ahead, your wrong and an asshole, but you can do that. You want to send a player a death threat then it's time to do the right thing and check out before you reproduce. And if you have unfortunately produced an offspring stay away from it so it has a chance at a real life. If you are so mad over a college game that you'll send a 20 year old a death threat than you have no excuses, you are a piece of shit. It is in no way funny no matter what your other cro magnon friends told you. Besides those shelves aren't going to stock themselves and my fries aren't going to magically cook themselves and jump into the bag. So get back to work.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that, I say we beat the shit out of this guy, make him turn into a woman...laces out... fags

Johnny said...

You anonymous cock gobbling bitch, fuck you!!!!!!!!! Grow a pair and be recognized or stay the fuck out!

letsplaytummysticks said...

You sound as though you have weak ankles anon.

dyer said...

Death threats are just...there is no word for it. Megaretarded. There. I made one up.

And you know, targeting McAfee in any way is just plain wrong also. If the team would have showed up and actually played a football game, McAfee's missed FG's wouldn't have been a factor.

I remember back in 2003 when Steve Bartman caught that foul ball in Wrigley Field, and the Cubs went on to lose the NLCS. EVERYONE blamed him - except me. He too received death threats. At home, at work, in public. The fact was the Cubs still had the lead at the time. Mark Prior had a 3-hit shutout going with one out in the 8th. And even though they lost that game, they still had a game 7 that they failed to win despite leading 5-3.

Point being, bad fans always focus on one wrong thing like it was the proverbial straw. McAfee did not lose the game for WVU. WVU as a team - players & coaches - lost the game for WVU.

Listen to tummysticks (that's whats she said) & keep your megaretarded death threats to yourselves.

True Blue Liberal said...

Why add "... some are probably students and for that we can all blame Jersey."
I don't remember Rutgers students ever threatening the life of anyone but a referee. My bet is on the lowlifes who actually bet money on college sports (though that doesn't make sense either, since the spread wouldn't have been covered by 2 more field goals [or even 10 more field goals]). It's inexplicable, even to this Jersey guy from

chutta said...

To True Blue: Why? Because WVU students from Jersey are extreme turds...except for the hot sorority girls amongst them who are extreme whores.

wolf said...

Johnny dont worry, nothing is going to happen to the kicker, you will stilll be able to spoon with him after the Fiesta Bowl