Monday, December 17, 2007

Round of Reubens

Rumors and innuendo edition:

The Post-Gazette has added some fuel to the speculation about the athletic department/Rodriguez deterioration of relationship fire.

One promise, made when he signed the contract in August, about facility improvements was already being withdrawn, he felt. Rodriguez supposedly never asked to revisit that contract or his financial terms Saturday, but he invoked that August promise along with additional requests such as increased pay for assistants. Yet Garrison and the others rebuffed his requests.

The Daily Mail's Mike Casazza has a blog in which he has revealed that WVU women's soocer coach Nikki Izzo-Brown has interviewed for the job at Michigan.
Sources say women’s soccer Coach Nikki Izzo-Brown interviewed with Michigan this month to be the next coach there. Izzo-Brown could not be reached for comment Sunday.
WVU has officially asked the last coach out of the athletic department to turn off all the lights.

Head coaching candidate names are flying fast and furious. You can always judge the rationality of a fanbase by the names that start floating around when a coaching job opens up. Here's a name. Darth Vader. One hell of a disciplinarian, but known to switch sides so might jump Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Somebody better block the highways coming from MI.