Friday, December 14, 2007

Louisville loses again

Petrino is back in college for at least a month or two before he leaves to become a karate instructor in Van Nuys, California. Kragethorpe may not quite be Vince Lombardi. And Brian Brohm is gone for next year. Also leaving will be Anthony Allen. Allen has been granted a release to transfer to any school other than one playing Louisville in the next three years OR Arkansas. Allen led the Cardinals in rushing and set a single game rushing record for the school against Middle Tennessee State, however, he finished the season going backwards in rushing yards with only 118 yards over his last 7 games.

And speaking of Louisville and Petrino. Anyone who hasn't seen the cult-like press conference in Aransas is missing out as even the media had to perform the school cheer. All that was missing was some goose-stepping, or a burning cross, or some kool-aid to make this more surreal. Welcome to the SEC Bobby.

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NVa Eer said...

Just saw something horrifying... Rich Rod is talking w/ Michigan about the coaching position. It's on Sporting News:

Please say it isn't so!