Friday, December 21, 2007

Pre-Christmas Links

Governor not involved in WVU coaching search- See also, I was born with one leg, Barry Manilow Rocks!, smoking promotes healthy lungs, and of course, Christmas is really about praising the lord.

WVU recruits rethinking their options- Josh Jenkins will not be going to Michigan, but not so sure if he will still be coming to WVU.

Puskar speaks- Maybe other booster should follow his lead.

How to win friends and influence people- The Rich Rodriguez Story.

Mountaineer bballers feel football teams pain- And then quickly put their hands back in their pockets.

Maybe Barwis isn't going to Michigan- We can only pray!

Oh yeah, I'm on a podcast again

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dyer said...

Milan Puskar hit the nail on the head when he stated that any school that lets the boosters effectively run its athletic program is destined to fall apart. I've unfortunately watch my favorite college football team go from a two-decade-long nantional dominance to a conference laughing stock because of this issue.

Personally, I don't see the defection of DickRod to be all that bad, necessarily. WVU has had success before him, and they will have success after him. In fact, Don Nehlen did something that Rodriguez never did - play for a national title.

Rich Rodriguez is way too convervative of a coach. If he thinks Michigan is the answer to his national title hopes, he better think again. Lloyd Carr left some big shoes to fill. He won a national title. He dominated tOSU, until Tressel came along. I really don't foresee Rodriguez having the same success at Michigan that Carr has enjoyed, nor the same success that he, himself has enjoyed at WVU.

Three years and he's out. Four, tops.

J. Johnston said...

I want Mike Mother Loving Locksley!!

ps- his wife is giggity giggity smoking hot.