Tuesday, December 25, 2007


But I didn't say fudge when I found out that Jimbo Fisher wasn't going to be the new coach of the Mountaineers. No, I used the big one! The F--- word! Mainly because if Jimbo Fisher would have been named the coach, that would mean that Terry Bowden would not be the coach. And that would have made me happy. I probably would have used the same word, but it would have had a completely different meaning. But now chances are much better that I will be using that word again. Because Terry Bowden's chances are much better to be our next coach.

I still say that WVU is crazy not to at least look at Bud Foster. Screw the fact that he coaches at Virginia Tech. In all this race to get a "West Virginia Guy" we've forgotten that we just lost a "West Virginia Guy." Foster is a proven commodity. There is no question that he can teach, and there is no question that he is a motivating force on that team.

It's about time that we quit being afraid that someone is going to leave us, because it just happened. Let's get the best guy for the job. And if he leaves, we get the best guy for the job. There is a pretty rich talent pool of able coaches out there year after year. If we get someone that people want to steal away, that means we're pretty good!!! Let that sink in for a second. Now say it with me, we want to be good more than we want to have the same coach for the next twenty years.

I liked Don Nehlen. He was great for West Virginia. Not just WVU Football. But he also used to drive me bat shit crazy with his lack of confidence. Playing not to lose. Lack of control of the team the night before the Sugar Bowl. And on and on and on.

We should be looking for someone that is motivated to make themselves eligible for other, higher paying jobs. Not someone that wants to retire here upon taking the job. And that tells me all I want to know about Terry Bowden. I'm sure he's a heck of a guy, but that's not necessarily what I want in a coach. I want someone here that is looking to make a name for themselves, not living off their father's.

But hey, I just wrote a song called Mercenary for Hire. Don't listen to me.

Merry Christmas Mountaineer Fans!


J. Johnston said...

No Bowden, NO!!!

Unless it's between him and Doc. Then I don't know what to think.

Maybe I'll just go back to trying to hang myself like December 3-12. Argh.

Anonymous said...

Well put about Bud and hiring the best guy for the job regardless. If their only concern is longevity, I'LL take the job! I'll suck, but I won't leave for another school!!!

Johnny said...

Hey J, I could not tell you who they have their eye on. I like the email you posted from Locksly on your page. I hope he isn't just getting lip service. But please don't hang yourself. We're going to be just fine. It's kind of like Christmas and waiting to see if you get "that" present. Whether you get the present or not, it's always a good time. You just have to be patient.

And anon, I can only hope we are looking at resumes, and not who's the safe choice.

J. Johnston said...

Well, it's looking like ole' Butch Jones is riding high for now. I'm speechless.

J. Johnston said...

Shoot me an email or give me your address if you don't mind. I need to ask you a question about setting up a feedburn or something.

Johnny said...