Thursday, December 6, 2007

That was cathartic

It's been a rough week for WVU fans. During the holiday season we were the school that kept giving even after it hurt and to all the teams we hate as well. Dave Wannsteadt never beat WVU, USF, or Rutgers before? Don't worry we'll take care of it. Pitt need a win to make you feel better after three straight horrible years? We got that for you. Ohio State want to play for a national title? No problem. VT want to almost sneak in the backdoor? We'll do our best. Penn State need something to make you feel better after a season of despair and arrests? Laugh it up on our account. Marshall...nevermind you still suck.

After all of that last nights bloodletting of Auburn sure felt good. Maybe not guitar-smashing good, but pretty damn good. Besides I only own a guitar hero guitar and if I broke it the wifey would beat me. Once again, just like last year, a football letdown has been tempered by the basketball team playing better than expected. Last night Auburn took the brunt of an 88-59 beating that at least made me feel a little better. Now I won't go too far because I don't think Auburn is going to be making any tournament runs, unless to the fridge to grab a drink is considered a run or they eat too much of OS's meat soup, but this combined with the win over Winthrop are at least quality Ws early in the season. I'm going to go out on a limb and state that if the team can shoot over 60% from the floor and almost 50% from three (last night 61% and 47.5% respectively) WVU will win many games this year.

Alexander Ruoff put on a show going 10-12 from the floor and 6-8 from three for 28 points. He would have added more, but wanted to save something for some preacher curls after the game. Joe Alexander has begun dunking on heads, which is nice, and added 17 points. DeSean Butler and Wellington Smith have also shown some more athletic ability than last year. Jamie Smalligan added two minutes of playing time which ended up three less minutes than Jonnie West. It felt good.

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Anonymous said...

All hail Lord Smalligan! All hail the power bestowed upon him by former nonrebounding tall perimeter Emporer Pittsnogle. All hail Lord Smalligan's bout with Greg Oden syndrom... smash a guitar