Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Round of Reubens

Coaching news edition:

Former WVU coach Rich Rodriguez is now officially former after moving up the resignation date to midnight last night. Then rumors started saying that boosters were trying to force out Pastilong and bring back Rodriguez at the last minute. It would have worked, however, no one could find a white horse for Rich to ride into town on.

Michigan fans can celebrate, just not in West Virginia. The link is to a DJ in Charleston that is a Michigan grad and felt it appropriate to play the Michigan fight song four times in one morning. He was suspended.

Back in Morgantown Bill Stewart has been named as the interm coach for the Fiesta Bowl. The coaching search continues or at least the facsimile of a search continues. It appears as though only candidates with WVU or West Virginia ties are being considered. So despite practically begging for an interview, Bud Foster remains on the sidelines watching. The most common names brough up at this point are Terry Bowden and John Holliday. Looks like the old boy network is alive and well with Pastilong to bring in someone he can control. My source (that is right just one source, but he was right about Beilein a month before anyone heard anything) has stated that Doc is going to get the job by the end of the week. I am not jumping up and down on that news. More to follow if/when it is made official.


rs said...

As someone who lived 11 years in Michigan and 12 years in WV I am having a tough time with this. I felt there was some sort of commitment from RR and his leaving sure is a letdown.

It was nice seeing WVU moving up and looking like they were well on their way towards joining the elites. If WVU is able to land a top notch coach that quest can continue. No matter what they are a stong top 15 program and need a coach that fits that level.

Hate to see the bad blood developing between MI and WVU. One thing I always had was as a fan of both teams was a mutual dislike of OSU. I am embarrassed by the taunts of many in the Michigan crowd. Some of the WV attacks also cross the line but I understand the anger and that it is funneled at Michigan. But in truth Michigan has no fault here other then disrupting WVU's bowl game and creating turmoil. That goes with the territory in college football these days.

DJ Coach Kidd should be fired. What a jerk. As a Michigan fan I say be grateful for what you got, show some class and keep your mouth shut.

As a WVU fan I say it time to move on. Beating Oklahoma might be the biggest win ever at WVU.

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