Friday, December 7, 2007

Round of Reubens

First of all a review of the Big East All Conference selections for WVU. Pat White was player of the year for the second straight season. Of course everyone knows by now he missed out on the trip to NYC this weekend, but he was also named 1st team quarterback as a unanimous selection. Mountaineers joining PW were guard Greg Isdaner on offense and DT Keilen Dykes and Safety Eric Wicks on defense for 1st team honors. WR Darius Reynaud, Center Mike Dent, RB Steve Slaton, Kicker Pat McAfee, DT Johnny Dingle, and LB Marc Magro all made the second team. The conference defensive player of the year was George Selvie from USF and LeSean McCoy was the Rookie of the Year. Brian Kelly was named coach of the year for the conference which he will use to pry open a door to another school ASAP.

In basketball Bob Huggins has challenged the students to show up. In doing so he has written an open letter to the students and made some threats that if the students don't want the 4,000 student seats they could be sold off to the public. The letter ends:

If I wanted to coach at schools where the arenas are half full, then I would coach there. But this is my home. I've wanted to be here since I was a little kid. Morgantown, the entire state and this University have always meant so much to my family and me.

To the 400-plus students who were here on Tuesday, thanks for your support and we'll see you again on Saturday. To the rest of the students, bring your ID for free admission and I look forward to seeing you throughout the season.
First up for the Huggy challenge will be Duquesne which is coming off of a 68-73 loss at home to Pitt. The Dukes are led in scoring by Junior Guard Kojo Mensah with 15.4 points per game and have 4 players averaging double digits. For more on this matchup head over to the Duquesne blog Dukes Court for a preview much better than I am capable of here. As that column states:
Smalligan originally a transfer from Butler, plays an average of 14 minutes per game for WVU and is basically just a body down low. I've seen Smalligan play before and he doesn't really do much, he is big though.
Those are fighting words Jamie. No body talks to you like that...except for everyone other than BSR.

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