Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Petrino to Arkansas?

According to ESPN Sports Center, Bobby Petrino just gave the Falcons the "dirty bird" and will be announced as the next head coach at the University of Arkansas.

How does this relate to WVU or the Big East? Not a whole lot, but I would have to imagine that our "friends" in Louisville wish they had $3 Million to pony up for their ex-coach. A) to get rid of Steve Kragthorpe, and B) to get the guy back that put them where they were before the beginning of this season.

As far as him going to Arkansas, surely there are better jobs out there for him. Michigan, UCLA, Michigan, Michigan, or even Michigan. I've never been on campus at Arkansas. I've barely set foot in the state. But it just seems like the kind of place that would wear on you as a head coach. Plus, no one else that has been contacted by Arkansas has seemed to excited about going. Butch Davis, Tommy Tuberville, Tommy Bowden, and Jim Grobe have all turned the Razorbacks down, we think.

As for Petrino, I can understand why he wants to leave. He's been without the guy he went there for all year and will never get him back. Atlanta has a whole lot of fixing to do. Unlike when he took the job. Maybe I've read him wrong, but Petrino has always seemed a little abrasive in a Bill Belichick kind of way. And I wonder how well he will get along with a fan base that expects to be in the championship every year even though they haven't sniffed it in a while.

Then again, maybe ESPN is full of shit and they needed something to grab your attention.

Update: Apparently, ESPN isn't full of Shit. Not at all.

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Hamilton said...

Petrino has wanted to coach in the SEC since the "Petrino-gate" incident with Auburn a few years ago. That's why he would go to Arkansas instead of the other jobs.

Plus everyone knows Michigan can't find a coach because they are cheap.