Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What does this mean?

It took me all night to digest the article below and what it may mean to WVU. First of all don't think that the article lets Rodriguez off the hook for his faults in this mess. He played Alabama for a raise and improvements a year ago and was willing to do it again this year with Michigan. At some point the athletic department was going to stand up and say no. As in many game situations it appears that Rodriguez had never contemplated a plan B. The plan was keep bulling ahead on the same gameplan which meant throw a fit and leave.

However, it is crazy for WVU fans to continue to vilify coaches as they are fleeing like rats off a sinking ship without ever stopping to wonder why so many want out. Beilein was a crook that hated West Virginia. Rodriguez was a money whore. But what about Shelly Poe, or the swimming coach, or Nikki Izzo-Brown, or Whit Babcock? These were all successful coaches and administrators that were willing to get out of dodge ASAP. Izzo-Brown was the only soccer coach ever for WVU women. You think she just decided that she wanted to move to Michigan because of the night life? Each of these situations are different, but all ended the same; with a WVU job search. Hell, this blog is less than a year old and this will be the fourth coach of WVU men's major programs we've covered.

From what I can gather the Beilein and Rodriguez sagas both ended in very similar manners. First it is no question that both have huge egos. However, most D-I coaches are funny like that. I think it is the power and the worship from fans. Maybe. Anyway, both ended with the coaches basically in a non-communication with the athletic department after many confrontations. Both ended up leaving for a wash money wise after the buyouts. According to most fans it was completely the fault of both of them. Yet here's the thing with Rodriguez. He left over some very small things. He also tried to hold the athletic department hostage for a second straight year only Pastilong called his bluff this time. Rich may not always be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but isn't that saying something about the relationship, or lack thereof, that Rodriguez was doing this again a year later? If there is no relationship, no give and take, then Rodriguez is going to follow his gameplan win or lose as we have seen over and over. He isn't going to start passing in the fourth quarter against 10 men fronts when he hasn't all game and he isn't going to quit fighting for what he wants including going to the well of "I'll leave." Good or bad that is who he is.

The other troubling aspect of that article besides all the people leaving the athletic department is that donors are speaking out and speaking about withholding donations. The money guys like to stay quiet. But they also REALLY know what is going on. For them to speak out means they think something is rotten in Denmark. The other aspect is that WVU doesn't have hundreds of bigtime donors. Losing 5 millionaires that love sports isn't a big deal for Ohio State, but it is for WVU.

This is actually the first test for the Garrison administration as it's been pretty smooth sailing up until now. Hardesty took some heat from the Alabama flirtations last year as he was an easy scape goat since he was on the way out. Not so easy now. And Pastilong and Parsons aren't going down without a fight even if that is the way Garrison would lean. Pastilong has been at WVU for almost 30 years and if you know anything about the state it's that he didn't get where he is without some damn good connections. Taking out the AD or Mike Parsons might be more than Garrison wants to bite off right now even if that is something he wanted to do. However, if there aren't going to be any shake-ups in the athletic department than some fences better get mended pretty quickly and someone needs to keep Mike Carey, Marlon LeBlanc, Craig Turnbull, Sean Cleary, and Linda Budette out of the state of Michigan for the foreseeable future.


chutta said...

Holy poop! Rotten in Denmark? Did tummysticks just reference Shakespeare! This is a fine blog, indeed. I may stop drinking beer out of a can to be worthy.

Retards in charge, retards coaching, retard students, retarded traffic, retards in tight pants with boots, retards who go to Walmart to take a pooh...this whole school is chock full of retards. But that magical formula is what gives tummysticks time to write while at work.

letsplaytummysticks said...

He poohs at Sams which is much more classy.

rs said...

It could mean that MI (and OSU) are still looked at as better jobs then WVU. As long as coaches keep leaving that situation will not change. WVU is in serious Catch-22. If you get a good coach it will improve the programs image but also lead to the coach be desired by other "bigger name" programs.

I think this is the biggest reason that most thoughtful WVU fans are very disappointed with RR leaving. They want to get off this crazy ride and move closer to the "big boys" where if you get the job at WVU you stay because there is very little more upside. If RR won't stay then who will?

As a program Michigan will be tough to catch though. It isn't like they are losing the coaches to Puduka State. I am sure that RR was torn because MI is probably one of 2-3 programs he would have ever considered leaving for. At one point in his life it may have been his dream job.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Michigan is a better job than WVU for 99% of the coaches in America, but at some point maybe RR was in the 1% and something happened to cause a change is what the concern is. But then again maybe RR wasn't ever in the 1%. Or maybe he is just an asshole. That is what bothers a lot of people too. You just don't know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your 1% thoughts. I guess that is what I was try bring across with my "If he won't stay who will?" line.

We will have see how this shakes out. Was RR always ready to move and WV was being naive? Or does the blame fall on the administration?