Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Round of Reubens

Sometimes you need a second helping. Here is a link to the earlier mentioned private gift to WVU. A $25 million private gift with $5 million to the medical school's cancer center to start a breast cancer service for women in rural West Virginia with the remainder to fund other programs in the Health Sciences Center and College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. An allocation to a new scoreboard at the Coliseum is also mentioned. The state matches the first $2.5 million for cancer research as part of the Eminent Scholars program. The state will not match the scoreboard donation because the state enjoys having the same graphics since 1982 as it makes everything comfortable.

Unemployed or underemployed? Well the Bastards may be able to help in that area. Here is a listing for the little job I like to call the Dean of the West Virginia University College of Law. As you may be aware there will be some improvements around the law campus now that former WVU President Hardesty teaches there. You will need skills, experience, and vision. Girls only want guys with skills. Here is the further description.

The Dean must be an individual with vision, who can build a strong leadership team, who can communicate effectively with all of the school’s constituencies, and who can enhance the strong sense of community that now exists among faculty, students, administrators, and staff.
If hitting people in the face with snowballs builds a sense of community BSR is a shoe in, besides who spent more time in the Dean's office during our tenure then him or me?

It appears as though Johannes Herber has suffered a knee injury which will keep him out of his professional club in Germany for awhile. What you couldn't translate that? You are never going to be the Dean at this rate. Good thing Mike Casazza is on the job (reporter not Dean). His translation tool explains that Herber suffered a severe meniscus tear. Herber was on the same team as former Duke non-graduate William Avery.

In other injury news it appears as though Pat White is still limited in pratice and is in doubt for Saturday. While it appears as though White will still play, the amount may be limited if WVU can get an early lead or the pain level is high.

Finally, on the off week Dave Wannstedt watched football on a mission.
Dave Wannstedt watched college football all day Saturday, armed with a pad and pencil to take notes and look for a solution to Pitt's four-game losing streak.
We are lucky enough to have a source within the Pitt program that sent us a link of the actual notes the Stache took last weekend though it appears that at some point Dave got bored and started drawing.

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