Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Round of Reubens

Levance Fields has been reinstated on the Pitt basketball team after being placed into an ARD program which, if he can go without any trouble for 9-months, will expunge his record. Fields was suspended for two weeks before the Pitt basketball team started official practices meaning he missed nothing. Fields was arrested for attempting to pull the gun of a police officer outside a club he was thrown out of for fighting and being drunk although he isn't 21.

"He learned a lot from it," Dixon said. "The process has begun toward a dismissal. He's learned from the experience. Some actions have been taken within the program. It's been tough for him to sit out as much as he has. A lot of people called it excessive. But I think he's learned something from the experience."
Those calling the punishment excessive were Jamie Dixon, Levance Fields, and a group of anarchists.

Some of the readers in the Whitestar area may be interested in this article on local player Reed Williams and his transformation from "Bobby Hill" into leading tackler on the team.

Steve Pederson was the Pitt AD during the years of the basketball expansion, namely the building of the Peterson Events Center which broke ground in 2000. Pederson rode out of Pitt in 2003 for greener pastures in Nebraska. Unfortunately for Pederson he then hitched his wagon to Bill Callahan after firing Frank Solich coming off of a 9-3 record. Callahan has gone 26-18, but is only .500 in the Big12, a douchebag that blames everyone else (cough Wanney cough), and has two embarrassing losses in a row in blowout fashion to Missouri and Oklahoma State. Pederson bit the bullet this week. Pederson will probably not be using the following quote on his resume:

Steve Glenn, a Nebraska offensive lineman in the late 1970s, said the firing of Pederson is "the best thing to happen to Nebraska football in 10 years," adding, it "lifts a cloud off the state of Nebraska."

Elsewhere, Marshall still hasn't won a game this season, but that hasn't stopped Chubb Small from remaining upbeat:
"That's because we know we're a good team," said running back Chubb Small, after rushing for 53 yards on 11 carries and scoring a career-high two touchdowns. "We know if we band together, everything will come. You can't get down because we're losing. We'll always be winners whether we're 0-12 or 12-0. We can be winners at heart."
Note to Small, 12-0 isn't really possible at 0-6 and Division I football doesn't give participation ribbons. This isn't the Special Olympics no matter much Snyder makes it seem like it is, so at 0-6 that reflection you see in the mirror is of a loser.

Finally, Friday is Dollar Day for Men's soccer against UConn. The team is currently 8-4 and hosting Navy this evening. Dollar Day will also include select concessions for a buck. I don't know much about futbol, but I like cheap nachos. If you can't make the game it will be broadcast on Fox Soccer Channel which I had no idea existed until just now.

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