Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week Five Blogpoll Ballot

Man, I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue! This ballot will be short and sweet with no reasoning. I'm tired and I don't care. But if you want me to make some changes, please leave a comment. No rational needed, but certainly welcome.

  1. LSU
  2. USC
  3. Cal
  4. Ohio St.
  5. Boston College
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Kentucky ok, a little rational, WTF?
  8. Florida
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Oregon
  11. Georgia
  12. South Carolina
  13. South Florida
  14. West Virginia
  15. Cincinnati
  16. Kansas St.
  17. Missouri
  18. Texas
  19. Hawaii
  20. Purdue
  21. Arizona St.
  22. Rutgers
  23. Nebraska
  24. Michigan
  25. Illinois


Bill said...

Man, I don't think OSU and Wiscy are really that good, at least not top 10 teams. But in this insane season, where else can you rank them? What really frightens me is this...WHO IS GOING TO BEAT THEM OTHER THAN EACH OTHER?!?! Man, the B10 is atrocious.

Anonymous said...

I cuncur.

And Leon is getting Larrrrger.

Johnny said...

I don't like any of it. I mean how can Kentucky be #7? I'd like to see a rematch between tOSU and Fla. in a bowl this year, though. Just because.

LouHoltzLithp said...

I wouldn't. I would have to deal with that tOSU crap every day. It's bad enough as it is, especially since USC struggled against Washington. The general feeling here in Columbus is that the Browneyes would crush anybody outside of LSU, and that game "would be a classic".

LouHoltzLithp said...

Today, for example, we have this.


Johnny said...

I feel your pain Lou. I work with a couple fu....I mean buckeyes. Never enjoyed work so much as the day after the title game last year. Woop! Woop!

LouHoltzLithp said...

Haha. I wore an orange and blue (fugly, yes) tie to work the next day. Sweet justice.