Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blogpoll Roundtable 3.3

This weeks round table is brought to us by Oklahoma blog My Opinion on Sports. For those of you not familiar with the roundtable, it is pretty much what it sounds like. A roundtable discussion amongst members of the Blogpoll. Except instead of everyone talking about this wearing suits, most of us are probably sitting at our computers in our underwear. Naturally!

The Battle for #1 – USC and LSU are separated by one vote in the AP poll. We made the switch in last week’s blogpoll by putting the Tigers in our top spot. State your case for who should be the top team in the country.

Duke, no wait, Buffalo! I've had LSU at the top spot for a few weeks now, and really see no reason to change that. They did have a bit of a time with Tulane in the first half, but blew by them in the second half. And I don't fault them too much for looking ahead to this weeks showdown with America's wang. They proved that they were good enough to play bad and still win rather convincingly. Unlike USC, who had a hell of a time with Washington.

Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and Rutgers were all upset this weekend. Of those teams, who has the best shot of getting back into the national title hunt?

Easily Florida has the best shot. And it comes this weekend, and pretty much for the rest of their schedule. They play marquee teams almost every week for the rest of the year. Next I would say Oklahoma if they can beat Texas this weekend. They don't have nearly the same schedule as Florida to prove themselves, but I think everyone thought a lot of them before the Colorado melt down, and would probably vault them back up and forgive it as a glitch if they win the rest of their games. West Virginia and Rutgers stand no chance, and Texas only marginally more.

Looking at the current AP Top 10, who is grossly overrated and who should be in there that isn’t?

South Mother F'ing Florida is way overrated and does not deserve to be in any top ten. And by proxy, neither does West Virginia. Ugh! But I didn't see a top ten team beating West Virginia. I saw a team that you couldn't run around the end on, but you can certainly move the ball on them if you don't turn it over six times. And their offense is nothing that is going to win important games for them this year. As far as who should be in, I would say Oregon. It's not like they got blown out by Cal. They were one fumble away from taking that game to overtime at home. They've proven themselves on the road at Michigan and by my way of thinking if they aren't at least the number ten team in the country, then no one should be.

What is the worst coaching mistake you’ve seen this season?

Hmmmmm, let me think. Have you been reading this blog lately? If not, let me recap: SCREEN PASS? FUCK! WHY DO YOU KEEP TRYING TO OUTRUN A FAST DEFENSE ON THE CORNERS? FUCK! QUARTERBACK KEEPER? AGAIN? FUCK! That translates roughly into DickRod not making any adjustments in his play calling while the game was still close. We like any team that can effectively run out of the I-formation to have a field day against South Florida. That is all!

Just a PSA, if you haven't added us to your blogpoll list of voters, please do so and let us know if we need to make any adjustments to ours.

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Bill said...


With no exaggeration, none, I could have called plays on Friday night, and WfVU would've scored 100 on those fuckers.

Is there a bubble screen patch, similar to Nicoderm, that we can get for RR's dumb ass?