Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Watching

Thursday gave you a great football game and the best Office of the season. You've been put on notice weekend.

I always imagined less manure. I mean, some manure. Just...less.
Medical school must have cost like $40 or a donkey or something. I would have been chief or surgery. Or a cowboy.

Another week when looking at the schedule doesn't seem to have a bunch of upsets, but #2 has already fallen and this year has proven that you never know. The early game offers Tennessee vs. Alabama and everything you need to know about that game can be found here. I think Jai Eugene will be pulling for Tennessee, just a hunch.

Michigan State vs. Ohio State--The Buckeyes are currently number 1 as everyone in front of them has played dead so far this year. The schedule begins to get a little harder although it is all within the 5th toughest conference from here on out. The defense has led the charge for the Buckeyes. The defense is currently ranked 1st in total defense, 1st in scoring defense, and 2nd against both the pass and the run. OSU has outscored the last three opponents 159-24. Michigan State is 5-2 with losses to Wisconsin and Northwestern. MSU is 15th in total offense behind a running game averaging 243 yards per game. The running game is led by Javon Ringer with 932 yards and 7.1 yards per carry. Brian Hoyer is completing 61.2% of his passes and must have a big game is the Spartans are going to pull out the upset in Columbus.

Florida vs. Kentucky--The Wildcats get another ranked team at home. In the game versus LSU Kentucky put up 27 points in regulation and managed 375 yards against the former #1 defense in the country. Florida is attempting to stave off a three game losing streak. The Gators have lost two games by a combined 7 points. Kentucky is bringing the 7th ranked scoring offense and 17th ranked overall offense against a Florida defense ranked 29th overall and 36th in scoring. The Florida offense is currently 25th overall and 11th in scoring while the UK defense is middle of the pack (60th). A Kentucky win could vault the Wildcats into the top 5 of the BCS while a Florida loss would make a Florida BCS game run extremely difficult.

Texas Tech vs. Missouri--Hopefully this game isn't stuck on regional coverage in your area, but it appears as though most eastern towns are getting either Michigan State/Ohio State or Miami/FSU. Those lucky enough to get this game will see some points. Texas Tech is averaging 50 points a game this year and throwing the ball for 500 yards per game. Graham Harrell has already thrown for 3151 yards and 31 touchdowns. Missouri is averaging 40 points per game and 534 yards of total offense. This game could take 5 hours due to television timeouts after touchdowns. Over/Under on punts should be set at 3.

Auburn vs. LSU--The last of the games versus ranked teams starts at 9 pm and will finish long after I go to bed pass out. LSU will be out for blood after the loss to UK last week. The blood will probably belong to Brandon Cox. Watching this game in the same day as TTech/Mizzou will be like watching Starship Troopers on the same day as watching 300. Both will give you the blood lust you crave, but one is a lot more high tech while the other is just hand to hand bludgeoning.

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