Monday, October 22, 2007

Slow day

Two of the Bastards were out of commission this weekend at a wedding so the usual OS review of the game may be delayed or outright cancelled. I managed to have a big WVU weekend taking in both the football game and the soccer game.

I went to the game against UConn Friday night when WVU beat the #1 team in the country 1-0. A full recap would consist be 8 paragraphs of "then a guy kicked it, then another kicked it, then it went out of bounds, then they threw it, then a guy kicked it." Needless to say I don't understand soccer all that well. But, the environment at the game is fun. All the international students show up and yell obscenities at the other team in accents. It's like being at the U.N. only instead of passing non-binding resolutions everyone is calling the guy laying on the ground a fag in front of 10 year old kids. For some reason the parents don't seem to care. Also, it is good to see that every culture hates the referees. If a WVU player was touched the crowd went nuts. If a UConn player was stabbed, then beat repeatedly with a shovel the crowd called him a pussy if he was on the ground for more than 1 second. I've also never been to a game before where the crowd brings their own instruments. There was a 6 piece drum set made up of fans playing for 80% of the game. The music was so consistent I had a nightmare I was in the movie "Blood Diamond."

As for the football game it was over after the opening kick. The second opening kick that is. MSU never recovered after Slaton fumbled the opening kick for a Bulldog recovery and it was reversed on a penalty. Two plays later Pat White ended any hope for MSU. WVU did continue a troubling tendency to sit on the ball after a big lead (see UMD last year, Sugar Bowl '06) and it really didn't make sense to have Slaton in the game with 4 minutes to go. Noel Devine did not play at all and it appears as though he fell a little behind after being excused from some practices. Rod said he isn't in the doghouse, but even then we should probably get Slaton out when all we are doing is running straight ahead into 10 man fronts. Ditto for Schmidt. The defense continues to dominate. At this point in the season they have outplayed the offense and I don't think anyone would have believed that 3 months ago. Chris Neild started b/c of a knee problem for Scooter Berry. This moved Dingle and Dykes to the end and for 3 quarters they were unstoppable. They tired late, but that happens when you spend the game chasing a guy running for his life then posing for 5 more seconds after the play. That posing takes up a lot of energy.


Option Spread said...

Considering my current addiction to Halo 3, you may not get substantive posts from me until next week when I no longer have broadband at home.

dyer said...

Halo 3? HALO 3??? Buy a real video game, would ya?

Hey if any part of that vmail I left was unintelligble, it's because I was drinkin' moonshine before the game. And chasing it with beer, of course.

I like tummysticks' review of the soccer game. For a comedic sidebar, watch this. Actual World Cup training vid. *shakes head in affirmation*

J. Johnston said...

That soccer game was actually nationally televised. As a soccer fan and shitty player while in college, I think it's great to see WVU building their program. The more sports we can dominate the better.

There was a whole hell of a lot of posing at that game on Saturday. I love watching the defense kicking ass, and it also makes for much more comfortable watching when we sit on the ball. I don't have the fear of some jackass team putting up 40 on us while we sleepwalk this season.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Dyer, soccer is so bad with the flopping that you couldn't tell if it was real or fake anyway. It's like that goalie that flopped after a fan touched him.

At least he got suspended for a couple of games for flopping. It's starting to leak into basketball too which is a shame for everyone except Duke fans.