Thursday, October 11, 2007

Very brief WVU-SU recap

I didn't take too much new for the Syracuse game. Partly because I didn't watch it that intently, but mainly because our competition was Syracuse. Some quick points:

  1. The stretch play isn't working this year. The stretch play relies upon the ability of the offensive line to maintain "protection" long enough for Slaton to find a crease. Unfortunately, our young, but quickly improving, offensive line isn't quite providing the same level of "protection" to permit Slaton the opportunities he has last year of finding a great seam. This is party responsible for his decrease in production.
  2. The passing game. Looked great against Syracuse. We need to keep doing that. Remember Coach, incomplete passes aren't that bad. Especially if they help keep the defense honest.
  3. The defense was getting gashed up the middle on runs. Is this an early symptom of troubles on the horizon? Its no big secret that WVU is rediculously thin on the defensive line. I think we have like 5 players rotating in to the 3 spots. This, of course, prevents dingle berry from getting rest, which could ultimately result in fatigue over the course of the season. Those guys played pretty well for the most part, so we'll have to keep an eye on this.
  4. Any reason to play a banged up PW with a ~30 point lead? Any reason to play Slaton in the fourth quarter with a ~40 point lead? Why not give Devine more work? Why not give Brown more work?
  5. Did Rodriguez intentionally keep Slaton out of the end zone so he could score the record breaking touchdown at home during homecoming?

Anyway, that's about it for this game.

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