Monday, October 1, 2007

Apparently we're not the only one with play calling issues

While innocently perusing the internets, I came across this diatribe from Kissing Suzy Kolber, which was intended to be aimed at the Vikings coach (who's name escapes me), but is equally applicable to our very own ball coach. I made a few choice edits which appear in brackets:

Thinking about which play to call, coach? Thinking about a shotgun lateral dumpoff pass on 3rd and 1? I bet you are. Let me just give you a little piece of advice. You see the big strong kid wearing #[10] over there on the bench? You know, the one who averaged [4.13] yards a carry on the [night]? The guy who only got 2 carries in the second half? The only good player [still in]on your offense? The one you apparently assume is made of peanut brittle? The only thing about this season that's keeping me from drinking a gallon of rubber cement? Here's a wild idea for you:
Use what works and don't run what doesn't.

Revolutionary? No. Its just common sense.

Rodriguez is like the crazy guy in undergrad who could do differential calculus, but failed arithmetic. He essentially invented a whole new offensive scheme being employed with great success from Florida to Oregon, but has forgotten fundamental play calling theory. For instance, I suspect that sometime during Coaching 101 the following maxim gets taught:
Overpower those who are small but fast. Outrun those who are strong but slow.
USF's fast defenders covered the field from sideline to sideline. The only chink in the armor appeared when we lined up for power football. The I-formation succeeded the few times it was used in gobbling up yardage. Similarly, Owen Schmitt averaged just a tad under 4 ypc. But ignoring the aforementioned fundamental maxim, we abandoned power football and returned to the full spread and attempts at outrunning a very fast USF defense.

Ok, that's it from me regarding USF. I promise.

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