Monday, October 1, 2007

Legitimate griping about polls

I'm freaking swamped at work today, but let me point out a few quick things.

Polls are somewhat important - from the slight effect on recruiting to the eventual effect on bowl seeding, with that in mind:

South Carolina's only loss is to undefeated #1 LSU.
Oregon's only loss is to undefeated #3 Cal.
West Virginia's only loss is to undefeated #6 USF.

In contrast,
Florida's only loss is to an unranked two loss Auburn.
Oklahoma's only loss is to an unranked two loss Colorado.

USF is now my favorite to win the Big East. Against Louisville, their two shut down corners will slow down Brohm and the offense will score often enough against that pitiful D. Rutgers was exposed by a decent Maryland team. Cinci is still a wildcard though.

Speaking of Cinci, I'll go on record now predicting that unless we start throwing the ball dowfield, we will lose again on Nov 24th.

Anyway, back to work.


Brave Sir Robin said...

For the first time in months- nay- YEARS- I am in agreement with you. You still suck. Tell her I said hi.

dyer said...

Wait? You mean...polls are built on popularity and not on-field ability & record/opp. record? Shocking! You know, I'm really surprised that Notre Dame isn't still "others receiving votes."

Or, are they? I haven't looked.