Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is It Too Soon To Start Thinking About Who's Coming After Rodriguez?

Yeah, I hate to bring this up again, but reading a post over at the Georgia Sports Blog this morning reminded me of a conversation I had with Paul about a year and a half ago about the possibility of Rodriguez leaving WVU for another school.

Of course, at the time I thought there was no way in hell Rod would go anywhere. I was full of the kool-aid and couldn't be told anything that didn't jive with my thoughts on the matter. And then along came Alabama.

Of the schools that Paul has listed over there, I don't think most would be one's that Rod would consider. But some I think he would consider would be:

-Florida St.-Bobby's gotta die sometime and the relationship between the Bowdens and Rodriguez is pretty tight.

-Penn St.- Ditto, and don't be so fast to say no until you hear him say no.

-Clemson-Outside shot, but they already recruit for his style of offense and he used to coach the offense there.

-Auburn- I think there is a good shot Tuberville will leave or get fired at the end of the year depending on the Alabama game.

-LSU- If Les Mile takes over at Michigan, who wouldn't want to coach the 800 pound gorilla with a chainsaw for a dick?

Sorry if this isn't how you wanted to start your hump day off, but I'm not particularly excited about this weekends match up with Miss. St. So my mind is wondering a bit. Did I miss any schools you think Rod might jump ship for? Think I'm f'ing crazy? Leave a comment.

Oh yeah, forgot this one:

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Anonymous said...

take off this post. This is a self fulfilling prophecy! Rumors start....Rod gets pissed, and then leaves.....leaving us SCREWED.