Monday, October 29, 2007

Week Nine Blogpoll Ballot

The Blogpoll is run by Brian over at MGOblog. Click here to see the whole thingy. I have to make any changes by 10am Wed., so throw your thoughts in the comments if you see something that needs changed.

I couldn't really think of a good picture to go along with this post, so I googled "the coolest picture in the world", and this came up. Sure it ain't all that, but it seems right somehow.

We finally have some stability at the top. But still, the lazy-eyed prospect of having to again move UConn up is a little disturbing. We'll get to that in a bit.

1. Ohio State- Ummm, I can't tell you how bad I wanted to do a song about them yesterday. Oh well, it'll have to wait. That was a pretty dominating performance by the Buckeye's. At Penn St., at night. Yup, 37-22 in the time of posession, 453-263 yards. Hard to argue this week.

2. BC-I only saw the last two minutes, so I don't know of what you speak about the first 58. Probably, if Va. Tech had any offense it would have been a blowout. But wining at Tech at night is a big deal, no matter how much I hate to admit it.

3. Oregon-Hey, quality win like that should move you up. I'm really impressed with their offense. It's like WVU with a down field passing attack.

4. LSU-Bye

5. Oklahoma-Bye

6. West Virginia- Honestly, it felt like the first time I was truly impressed with West Virginia this year. The chances to play a good team are few and far between on this schedule. So getting this win told us a little something about West Virginia that we didn't see against USF.

7. Arizona St-I'm a little more impressed with their win over Cal than the Kansas win over Texas A&M.

8. Kansas-

9. Missouri-Can't say that I've seen more than one game of theirs, but they looked good and won big this week. Is this what people out west say about West Virginia?

10. Georgia-Quality wins over Florida, and Alabama. And if that team shows up every week the rest of the year, I will have no problem with ranking them this high.

11. Hawaii- What are you gonna do, ya know? They keep winning.

12. Auburn- Maybe not a sexy win over Miss, but it seems like everyone not named Nutt has had a hard time beating the Rebels. Only one quality win, over Florida, and one impressive loss against LSU.

13. Michigan- Anyone kicking themselves for not playing this well at the beginning of the year?

14. Texas-Mmmmm, we're getting into that part of the poll where a come from behind win at Nebraska doesn't look so bad.

15. Connecticut- No, really! Undefeated in the Big East after taking down Louisville and USF in consecutive weeks. If I said that before the season started, you would be asking why they weren't higher. But I still feel that they have at least two more losses in front of them. So enjoy it while it lasts.

16. Boise St.- At Hawaii Nov. 23rd can't get here soon enough.

17. Florida-

18. Alabama-Still thinking about that win over Tennessee.

19. Southern Cal-

20. Va. Tech-If they had an offense.

21. Wisconsin- Take that Indiana! Woot! Woot!

22. Wake Forest- Wins over UNC, Fla. St., and Maryland. But oh that loss to Nebraska. Still, six straight wins after starting out 0-2.

23. Kentucky-

24. Clemson-Sure

25. South Carolina- Dammit, we were going to do a repeat on Fulmer 'til SC had to fuck it up!


J. Johnston said...

All in all, you can't complain too much because everything is so insane. That being said, I cannot imagine Boston College beating, or even competing with, any of the teams from Arizona State up. Virginia Tech gave that game away, BC didn't win it. That's a fact. Regardless, they are undefeated, so do what you feel you must.

Side note: that Florida-UGA video is fantastic.

Johnny said...

Thanks J!

BC has some luck going their way this year. Couple that with being pretty good, and you have a chance every week. I wish I could have seen Ryan the first 58, because I have come away very impressed with him every time I see him. I'd love to see WVU and BC in a bowl game!

J. Johnston said...

If you had seen the first 58 minutes you would feel like I do about Ryan. He's a joke. I could have played better than he did for the vast majority of that game. Well, probably not, but the fact that we could even be compared should tell you just how attrocious he was.