Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Watching

WVU enters the weekend ranked 8th and 9th in the AP and coaches poll respectively. Unfortunately there is little chance to move up this week as few of the teams above the Mountaineers have games that should be troublesome and those that do (Oklahoma) play a team that would jump West Virginia should they win (Missouri). The following are some games of interest as you spend a weekend rediscovering those people that share a house with you (some call those people family) since there are only two matchups of ranked teams.

LSU vs. Kentucky--Kentucky is bringing the 13th ranked offense to the game. The Andre Woodson has only thrown 2 interceptions this year in 207 attempts. The Wildcats have also lost 8 fumbles. Why is this important? Because they will need a perfect offensive game to beat the number 1 defense in the country that has forced 17 turnovers so far this year. The Wildcats defense is 91st against the run giving up 184 yards per game and 378 yards overall. Kentucky will need to score early and hold on for dear life.

Missouri vs. Oklahoma--The second matchup of ranked teams are from the Big12. Missouri is undefeated with wins over Illinois and Nebraska. The Tigers are 5th in the nation in passing offense and 4th overall. Chase Daniel leads Missouri with 1712 passing yards and is 17th in the nation in passing efficiency. Defensively Missouri is 79th overall with a breakdown of 49th against the run and 100th against the pass. Oklahoma enters the game fresh from a 7 point win over Texas in which the Sooners played error free and managed 414 total yards. In the only loss of the season for Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford played poorly, completing less than half of his throws for 112 yards and 2 interceptions. If Bradford can play as he did against Texas, 21-32 244 yards 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions then Oklahoma is tough to stop.

That's it for ranked teams squaring off. Other games of interest include Auburn vs. Arkansas, Arizona vs. USC, and Oregon State vs. Cal, but the favorite should win in each. A game of non-interest despite the hype this week; BC v. ND. If only they could both lose.


dyer said...

I really wouldn't want to be tOSU, USF, of BC right now.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I wouldn't want to be the ohio state university EVER. fuck them.

Johnny said...

Shit, walking into work and seeing our token tOSU fan in the office flashing the "we're number 1" sign made me want to puke!!

letsplaytummysticks said...

So he was flipping you off b/c that's the most common OSU sign.

Johnny said...

No, that was the sign I flashed back! Anyone going to the WVU game this weekend? Silly question, I know, but let's get together somewhere so I can put some names to faces and stuff.

dyer said...

Gotta agree w/the Brave Sir, I wouldn't want to be tOSU ever, either.

I'll be at the game Saturday, but no freakin idea where or what's goin on afterwards. Kind of a family affair.