Monday, January 21, 2008

College Football Blogger Awards!

We, and I use "we" in the sense of college football bloggers of the world, did an awards thingy last year to recognize college football bloggers for their bestestness in particular categories. And we're back again this year, coming out of the basement in our underwear to be recognized.

Rather than rehash what everyone else is saying, here's what you do if you want to know the particulars about the voting process. Head over to Rocky Top Talk (you have to say that five times in a row before you click the link to really make it work), then to EDSBS for the categories, then to MGOBlog for the voting gizmo.

Important notes:

  1. Bloggers can not nominate themselves.
  2. Anyone can vote on the nominations portion of the process.
  3. The period from which postings may be nominated runs from roughly the second week of January 2007 through the first week of January 2008, or approximately from one national championship game to the next.
  4. Nominations will remain open through next Sunday night.

So this is your chance to get out there and support your favorite blogs and let them know that all those hits they get aren't just spambots. I'll post my nominations throughout the week/tonight depending on how drunk I get. And feel free to leave comments if you think I'm missing something or you want to persuade others in their voting.

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