Thursday, January 24, 2008

College Football Blogger Awards-Nominations

*Again, if you wish to have your voice heard you can go over to MGOBlog and cast your own ballot. *

All nominations are in no particular order

Best New Blog- West By God Virginia, WV Mountaineer Sports, and that's the extent of my looking around the internet this year. Boo John.

Best Community- Burnt Orange Nation, WMITC, Roll Bama Roll.

Best Writing- SMQ, Troy Nunes, Hey Jenny Slater.

Best Post- I'm drawing a blank. Certainly there were some good posts this year, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. So, no cake for you!

Funniest Blog- Troy Nunes, M Zone, Losers With Socks.

Best Analysis- SMQ, MGOBlog, and yeah that's it.

Best MSM Blog- Cardinal Fan, Bruce Feldman, fill in the blank.

Best Looking Blog- WV Mountaineer Sports, Rocky Top Talk, Men of Scarlet and Gray.

The Job Award- Troy Nunes, Pitt Blather, Deep South Sports (Erik doesn't give a shit).

Best Audio- In The Bleachers, BON/EDSBS for LIVE, does anyone else do audio?

Best Regular Feature- Octonion, Nunes 44, Curious Index.

Best Photoshop- LWS for the Urban Meyer Terminator, Enrod, MZone Hindenburg.

Best Big East Blog- Pitt Blather, Card Chronicle, Troy Nunes, WBGV, WVMS.

Best Blog- MGOBlog, EDSBS, LWS.

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